Meccano G15 Ks : The Perfect Interactive Robot Talking Toy for Your Kids for Christmas & Birthdays

The remarkable 4 foot tall, Meccanoid G15KS, is the ultimate invention in robotics. Anyone can assemble it using the simple tools included and once you plug it in the robot will tell you how to connect its motors. It comes with more than 1000 pieces, which means you can recreate it as any character you want. Meccanoid G15KS is going to be your kids’ best friend for a very long time. Even the celebrities are buying this funky interactive robot talking toy for their children - that's got to be saying something! Interactive Robot Talking Toy
  • Talks back and repeats more than 1000 phrases
  • Has Slick dance moves and will sing your favourite songs with you
  • Tells witty jokes and comments and quirky comebacks
  • Plays interactive games
  • Has the latest voice recognition tools